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We offer a wide range of services.


Colorance-Demi – permanent hair colour and ultra-shine.

Radiant colours in a gentle way.

Colorance Acid Color – acid and intensive color by GOLDWELL for radiant and permanent results with

the highest hair protection.

Colorance intensifies the natural shades and permanently covers grey hair – dedicated for grey hair

up to 50% of coverage. It is also recommended for refreshment colored based.

  •  A wide range of over 60 shades which can be intermixed, 5 Creative Color Shades
  •  Shine and hair care: Acid Technology (pH 6.8) provides intensive colors and the best possible

hair care. It does not contain ammonia, it contains active nurture ingredients.

  •  Duarbility: Patented TRAP system
  •  Speed: PatentedCatalysers System which speeds up pigment creating

Intensive, long-lasting color with an incredible shine – also in case of porous hair.

Colorance offers the best solution tailored for all Clients and also provides hair stylists with the

possibility to fulfil their needs.

TOPCHIC GoldwellColor System

TOPCHIC GOLDWELL System Color delivers optimum color safety at every stage of colorization. More

effective products let stylists to work more efficiently.

Highly Impressive color results:

  •  Highlifts Shades for a beautiful blonde result in one single step
  •  Intensive red shades for the highest brilliance and optimum durability
  •  Natural Shades for 100% grey coverage, even on resistant hair
  •  Over 100 intermixable shades


Dualsenses it is an individual solution for those who expect more from hair care beauty products.

  •  Solutions for instantly visible and touchable results
  •  Perfectly designed for each type of hair
  •  Easy and effective use

GoldwellColorance Lowlights

Natural and long lasting dark reflection after just one colorization.

After a few highlifts, hair become fairer and looks less natural. Up to now there has been a great

need of use of a very long lasting process of colorization to bring back very lightened hair its natural

blond shade. New Colorance Lowlights system is a perfect solution.

  •  More natural: dark and light color results as the hair was lowlighted for the first time
  •  Optimum durability even for damaged and porous hair
  •  Controlled color results
  •  Innovative technology with integrated pigmentation
  •  Suitable for each kind of hair: 4 shades from neutral to warm colors


  •  Ultra VolumeMultiMineral Gel-Shampoo: gel-shampoo, gel-conditioner, spray, 60 sec gel
  • conditioner
  •  Rich Repair : restoring shampoo, conditioner, serum spray, 60sectreatment
  •  Color with pomegranate extract: shampoo, conditioner, foam, spray
  •  Color Extra Rich with pomegranate and extra care: shampoo, conditioner, fluid, 60sec hair
  • conditioner
  •  Curly Twist with bamboo extract: shampoo, conditioner, 2in1 spray
  •  Scalp Regulation: soothing shampoo, deep cleansing shampoo, antidandruff shampoo


RE-SHADE Goldwell for Men

Men’s style has become changeable, smart and prim. It is true that a lot of men have

become more demanding and they expect good care in hair salons.

That is why Hair Salon at Hotel Nad Pisą offers fantastic hair care products for men: anti-

seborrhoea products, hair anti-aging products, and also products which protect men’s hair

against breaking.

For men who dream about grey reshade we recommend 10minutes reshadetreatement in a

natural way to make every man feel smart.